Burning sun no problem!…………….. Being refresh and cool in summer

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Sunburn ……not at all

Summer are about to come and ready to burn everyone. Here are some Ayurvedic home remedies to prevent you from these hot days. Basically people face two major problems first the sun burn on skin and the second one is stomach and heart burn definitely for the glutton people. But not to worry here are the immediate solution for the problem and let you enjoy your food and picnics.

System of sun tan and sun burn:-

Sun tan is the common problem for everybody. And it’s not possible to protect only by sunscreen lotion at all. The main reason of tanning is the melanin. This compound present in our skin, people who are darker and fair are also because of this compound. It depends on the quantity of the melanin. Dark complexion contained the higher quantity of melanin. And the fair contains the lesser.
Our skin generates melanin when its passes through the sunlight exposure and its generation become higher in excessive sunlight exposure and skin become dark. Melanoma also could be there because of the DNA damage, being prolonged in sunlight that may causes skin cancer also.

Some remedies for protection from summer tan:-

• Curd and tomato face pack: – keep the face pack of thick curd and massed tomato for 15 minute on your skin and get the fresh cool and D-tanned skin. Curd is rich of protine and gives the nourishment to your skin .

Curd, lemon and gram flour face pack: – These three ingredients make your skin glowing. Lemon works as an antioxidant for skin it is rich in vitamin c .it also works as a natural bleaching agent. On the other side gram flour uses for whitening of your skin. This removes the dead skin of face.

Aloe Vera: – aloe Vera gel is the best antiseptic for skin. It kills the settled germs and bacteria and fungi on the skin. It removes pollution and dust over the skin. You just have to peel aloe Vera and rub its gel around the skin and leave for 15 minute and get healthier skin.

Some important tips to remind in summer

• Never goes outside without applying sunscreen SPF 40 or above. That should be of reliable brand .That should be apply on skin before half an hour of sunlight exposure.
• Drink 15-20 glass of water throughout the day. Water is the best skin tone and it hydrates the skin and prevents from the dryness of skin.
• It’s important to clean the face skin with water at least 3-4 times in a day. But don’t use cleanser more than twice a day.

Use these tips and enjoy your happy skin in summer.

Acidity …… need herbal antacid in summer


Stomach and heart burn in summer is the major problem. That causes ulcer also. that problem increases in summer too much because digestion power reduces in summer and heavy and spicy food effects more in summer it’s a very problematic thing for gluttons the cant enjoy their food at all in fact they threaten  when they remind their burning throat , heart and stomach last night .But here is the instant solution for this problem.

  • Cold milk: – if you are facing burning heart badly just drinks a glass of cold milk without sugar that will instantly reduce your acidity.
  • Ginger lemon pulp: – Ginger is the ingredient which mostly present in kitchen you don’t need to the tough job for it, just crush the ginger ant take out its juice and mix this juice well with lemon juice and make its pulp and drink it.
  • Aloe Vera:-If you are facing the regular acidity problem then aloe Vera would be the best herbal antacid for you. Take 20 ml aloe Vera juice twice a day before your meal and see the result.
  • Clove:-Soak 6-7 cloves in water at night and crush these cloves in morning and take out its water, and drink it before eating anything 15 to 20 days your acidity will remove from the root. From the ancient time clove uses as an herbal antacid.
  • Papayas: – it contains papain enzyme that dissolves protein in the stomach. That is recommended to consume it after the meal. It increases digestion power.

Some don’t in summer to prevent from acidity:-

  • Doesn’t drink alcohol, and doesn’t smoke too much.
  • avoid food made with gram flour that causes severe heartburn.
  • Avoid spicy food.
  • Avoid pickle and eatable contained preservative.
  • Don’t get to the bed immediate after lunch and dinner.

Go with our simple home remedies and stay beautiful and healthy naturally

Wish you a very happy summer.